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A billion euro budget for buying in services

THE PORTUGUESE government has set aside a budget of 956 million euros to buy in services from private companies.

The money will go on consultants, seminars, reports, exhibitions, studies, private-public partnerships, cleaning companies, publicity, advertising and image consultants and agencies, PR and communications.

It has been revealed that the spending forecast for this year is the highest in the past five, with the largest increases registered under ‘other specialised tariffs’ and ‘other services’ headings.

With an 88 million euro increase anticipated for 2007, it is clear that the Portuguese state is an important business supplier for companies specialising in studies, consultancy, as well as lawyers, with the Ministries of the Environment and Justice have both registered the highest budget increases in this respect – 137 and 85 per cent respectively – to 66.9 million euros and 139.1 million euros.

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