A big thank you

Dear Editor,

May I through your letters column say a very big public ‘thank you’. A year ago I was diagnosed with cataracts by an optometrist in England and was also advised that I would be nearly blind in nine to 12 months.

Upon arriving back in Portugal, where I have been resident for the past 24 years, I went to see my doctor who gave me the appropriate papers to see the consultant of the ophthalmologic department at Portimão hospital in September 2008, where upon the consultant advised me that he would remove the cataract on my right eye. In December 10 and on February 4 2009, he operated on my left eye, which has subsequently restored my vision to near normal. 

When one hears so many opinions of a negative nature from both Portuguese and foreign residents concerning the Barlavento Hospital, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Jorge Correia, and his wonderfully kind and considerate team of nurses and assistants. It runs like clockwork this whole operation.

John C. Badrick, by e-mail