A big thank you to my vets

Dear Editor, 

Would it be possible to say a “big thank you”  to my vets for saving my dog (Eddie’s) life? 

Eddie got hit by a train in Ferreiras on Friday, September 17, it was a horrendous accident. He was in shock and somehow got to the tarmac as I couldn’t carry him.

I ran home to get the car and somehow got him to the vets. I was in shock also. The Clinica Veterinária de Albufeira were just wonderful.

Dr Paulo Café Correia, Dra Susana (pictured), Dra Catarina and the receptionist (I’ve forgotten her name) were so professional and thorough.

They could not give me any guarantee as the wound was so awful. The aftercare was amazing and the improvement in just over two weeks was astounding. 

I’m not very good at putting this all into words but I would like to show my appreciation to the whole team.

Rosemary Galligan

by email