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A 21st Century style icon

By SUZY TURNER [email protected]

Suzy Turner has lived in Portugal for 22 years and works as a freelance writer. As well as putting pen to paper for the Algarve Resident’s beauty section, she also contributes to the parenting and fashion columns and is also the Features Editor.

Over the years, there have been numerous so-called style icons who have influenced the way we have dressed.

Audrey Hepburn’s name is still frequently mentioned in the lists of best dressed women of all times, as is Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. But who do we look up to in the style stakes of the 21st Century? Yes, there are numerous beautiful women who get it right sometimes, but what about those who appear to be so consistently stylish?

Frequently in the news for their sense of ‘boho chic’ are the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Mary Olsen. Personally I think they usually look more hobo scruff than boho chic! So I don’t really think they make the grade. Victoria Beckham, on the other hand, always looks immaculate – a little too immaculate really – more like a doll than a working mum. Of course the woman has style but to become an icon, she needs to loosen up a little. After all, a style icon does incorporate the whole package.

In my opinion, America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, seems to be the current leader of the style pack. Since her husband, Barack Obama, began his campaign to become the first black President of the United States, she has revealed stylish outfit after stylish outfit.

Style magazines and websites fall over themselves to print pictures of her looking simply amazing; knowing only too well that we mere mortals will follow this trendsetter’s lead.

Proving that she has what it takes to become a true style icon, this Princeton and Harvard educated corporate lawyer enjoys the fashion process, saying “it’s fun to look pretty”. She has been described as the greatest fashion icon in the White House since Jackie Kennedy and it’s easy to see why. Time magazine has called her ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and the Washington Post, ‘Leader of the Fashionable World’.

She knows what suits her body shape and her colouring, allowing her to choose exquisite colours. Never dull, Michelle’s style exudes glamour and refinement and is carried off beautifully in the way she carries herself with such confidence. Michelle Obama is a true style icon in every sense of the word.

Mimic Michelle Obama’s style, with the following:

Avoid anything fussy and choose simple designs.

Blocks of bold colour will help boost your confidence.

Invest in good quality accessories.

Avoid anything too tight. If in doubt, opt for a half size bigger.

Wear soft feminine cashmere tops / cardigans with pencil skirts.

Mix designer labels with affordable pieces.