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90 million euro budget for Faro Câmara

2005’s budget for Faro Câmara is 90.2 million euros, as approved at the Câmara’s General Assembly recently. Of that amount, 63.8 million euros will be spent on investments and 26.4 million euros on existing expenses. The funds are being allocated under several different themes: ‘Culture and Sport’ has collectively been awarded an amount of 21.7 million euros; ‘Communications and Transport’ 13 million, ‘Urbanisation and Habitation’ 13.3 million, with six million euros for ‘Education’.

The ‘Culture and Sport’ plans include the construction of a municipal theatre, a sports arena and a ‘cyber centre’. Under ‘Communications and Transport’ the câmara’s plans include the construction of roundabouts, street repairs, road signage and maintenance in rural and urban areas.

The amount for ‘Urbanisation and Habitation’ will go towards the refurbishment of landscaping, such as the creation of additional green spaces, planting of trees and flowers, attention to footpaths and children’s parks, repair of cultural heritage and public lighting.

‘Education’ will see improvements being made at the schools in Conceição, Montenegro, S. Luís, Bom João, Penha, Alto Rodes, Patacão, Santa Bárbara de Nêxe, Mata Lobos, Gorjões, Bordeira and Culatra. The amount will also allow for the construction of a new crèche and nursery at Penha and Ferragial.

Council houses planned

In total, 500 new council houses will be constructed at Braciais and Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian. In addition, repairs will be made to the exterior of buildings in the Carreira de Tiro estate. The câmara also pledges to assist projects, presented by various institutions, for the construction of community centres for youngsters and old people’s homes.

New initiatives in

the pipeline

This year, Faro Câmara hopes to start the installation of natural gas, proceed with the Culatra marina, create a business park, plan a third circuit for the mini-bus, re-equip the Câmara’s firefighters and assist the voluntary bombeiros.

Plans are going to be studied for the construction of public kennels, a stone museum in Santa Bárbara de Nêxe and an agricultural museum in Conceição.

Two million euros for

Parque das Cidades

An amount of two million euros is being put aside for maintenance and staffing expenses at Parque das Cidades, the site of the Loulé stadium built especially for Euro 2004.

The amount also allows for the construction of a leisure area, cross-country track, restaurant and picnic spot, among other facilities. The marina, Estói’s palace, new health centres and a second PSP police station are all “undergoing discussion”, according to Faro Câmara.

Culatra awaits

funding solution

The budget for municipal services is 13 million euros, which will partly go toward the refurbishment of water piping systems, a plan for the prevention of flooding in downtown Faro, new water pipelines, the purchase of refuse trucks and installation of new underground bins.

The water supply and sewage treatment at Culatra Island will mean a bill of 20 million euros. According to Faro Câmara, the technical solution has already been found, but what is necessary is “the conclusion of negotiations to define conditions for funding”.