89-year-old convicted murderer back behind bars after 18 years on the run

It took nearly 18 years – and the man convicted of murder is now almost 90 years old – but the PSP has finally got him back behind bars.

The elderly fugitive, who skipped a jail in 1997, was rumbled outside Leiria’s Hospital de Santo André.

It is not explained whether he was a patient or simply passing by – just that he was “very surprised” by the approach of two police agents, and offered no resistance to his subsequent arrest.

According to national media, the man is now back in jail and due to serve the rest of his sentence.

Considering he went missing on a weekend release, and he is believed to have 10 years and 6 months left of his original sentence to go, he may not be allowed out again until he is nearly 100
For now, no papers are giving an identity, and there are no details of the murder that led to this man’s conviction.

All that has been revealed is that he looks very different now to the convict that he was 18 years ago, and he has been living in “various places” around the country, “always protected by family members”.

The man was reported “escaped” from Covilhã jail when he failed to return from weekend release on Monday November 3, 1997.

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