500 negative tests let Braga dance to Pedro Abrunhosa…

The second of the test events for mass audiences took place last night in Braga, with an open-air concert by singer-songwriter Pedro Abrunhosa.

The 400 people in the audience and 100 involved in the show were tested before the start and all showed negative.

The next event of this kind will go ‘even higher’, to an audience of up to 1,000, and take place in Coimbra.

The idea is to see whether large gatherings can be managed without causing new ‘outbreaks’ of Covid-19.

Said the Ministry of Culture, the immediate objective of these events is “to define new technical orientations and realise diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2 in order for shows and festivals to go forwards”.

Tickets cost €2, and in this latest case, the revenue went to Braga’s cooperative for the education and rehabilitation of vulnerable citizens.

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