5 minutes with … António Rosado

This week, the Algarve Resident caught up with professional golfer António Rosado, 28, who is based in Vilamoura and gives golf lessons at Pinheiros Altos golf course. He has tucked many wins under his belt, which is unsurprising for a self-demanding perfectionist, as he describes himself. He is actively seeking sponsorship for 2013.

Algarve Resident: When and where did you start playing golf and how did you acquire an interest for the sport?

António Rosado: I started playing golf at 11 years of age at the Vila Sol golf course. When I was little I lived close to the golf course. I remember watching two men play and it intrigued me because it looked like a really difficult sport. It was then that I decided that I too wanted to learn to play.

How would you describe your professional career in the last few years?

I was one of the top Portuguese amateurs and I played all the biginternational amateur events. I turned Pro in 2007 and became national champion in 2009 and one of the top professionals in Portugal.

Which victory would you highlight as the most outstanding and why?

The National Championship in 2009 because I was then the youngest professional and was competing against so many good players. Of course, it is also an honour to be the National Champion!

What is your favourite hole in the Algarve?

I love the 16th hole on the Royal Golf course in Vale do Lobo, because it is a challenging hole and with amazing sea views. It’s one of those holes that the wind greatly interferes. Depending on the wind you could play a 5 iron or a drive, and sometimes not even the driver will be enough to reach the green. Because it is one of the last holes on the course, it can often be a deciding factor between winning or losing a tournament. It’s sometimes possible to make a birdie, but catch a windy day and it’s very easy to make a bogey, double bogey or even worse.

What are your goals for the future as a professional golfer?

I am now concentrating on giving golf lessons but at the same time competing in as many tournaments as I can. My main goal now is to find a sponsor so I can play tournaments in Portugal and abroad. I would love to play outside of Portugal and compete with the best players, and hopefully one day play in the European Tour.

916 017 942 | [email protected]

||2012 achievements

1st Montebelo Open Portuguese PGA

3rd Vidago Open Portuguese and Spanish PGA

1st Sussex English Championship

3rd Terceira Island Open