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41 Club appoints new president

The Old Round Tablers 41 Club in the Algarve has appointed a new president, Chairman Robert Todman (pictured), who actually started the club 31 years ago.

Robert has been regularly supported by “Old Tablers” ever since and is now making an invitation to others who may like to join the club that is based in Carvoeiro.

Round Table exists in most European countries. Historically, members had to leave at age 40 and most moved into Old Round Table Clubs, not surprisingly called 41 Clubs.

All along the Iberian coastline such clubs exist, including the Algarve’s very own “vibrant and active” 41 Club.

The club meets twice a month and, in addition to its regular activities, the second week of May of each year is the club’s gala week. Various events take place then, including the AGM, golf and bowls competitions, and a gala dinner which this year took place at the Morgado Golf Club.

[email protected] (Vice Chairman Geoff Harnett)