40,000 Ecstacy tablets discovered in teen’s luggage

PJ police at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport have reported the largest apprehension of ecstacy tablets in Portugal in the last 10 years: 40,000 ‘tabs’, weighing a bumper 17 kilos.

Cops were alerted to the haul via a ‘tip-off’, say reports.

The so-called ‘drug mule’ was an 18-year-old Brazilian girl en-route from Amsterdam to Florianopolis, in Brazil.

Days before,the youngster had left Brazil to travel to Holland, writes Correio da Manhã.

As the girl remains in preventive custody, investigators here are trying to discover the origin of the drugs.

They are ‘different’ to tabs already known to the authorities, says CM. Red in colour, they have the Coca-Cola symbol on one side, and the name Coca-Cola on the other.

“We have never apprehended ecstacy with this logotype before”, Rosa Mota of the national unit against drug trafficking told the paper. “But we know it has been detected before in Brazil”.

Tests now are going ahead to determine the degree of purity of the drug, as investigators continue to question the 18-year-old in police custody.

PHOTO: Ecstacy tablets come in different colours and forms