4.5 magnitude earthquake felt in Azores

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 was felt on the islands of Terceira and São Jorge early this morning, according to the Azores Seismic Information and Surveillance Centre (CIVISA). According to the CIVISA website, the quake occurred at 07:19 local time (08:19 in Lisbon) and had its epicentre around a kilometre north-northwest (NNW) of Serreta, Terceira island. “According to the information available so far, the earthquake was felt with a maximum intensity of VI (Modified Mercalli Scale) in the W area of the municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, namely in the parishes of Serreta, Raminho, Altares, Doze Ribeiras and Santa Bárbara (Terceira island). The event was also felt in the remaining parishes of Terceira island and on the island of São Jorge,” says CIVISA. This event “is part of the seismovolcanic crisis that has been ongoing on Terceira Island since June 2022”, the statement added.