3rd time “unlucky” for Portimão fuel station robber

A have-a-go hero has called a halt to a string of hold-ups at a Portimão fuel station with the help of a golf club.

He didn’t use it to hit a ball, but instead wielded it a bit like a caber, confronting a purportedly habitual robber who came armed with a knife.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã, the alleged raider “dropped his knife and tried to run away”.

But the golf-club wielding worker was not done.

He pursued the fleeing man, “managed to dominate him, and keep him until the authorities arrived”.

One 33-year-old who had recurrently hit on the fuel station demanding all the money from the till was removed and later presented before magistrates (we are not told whether he is back in circulation), and one jubilant fuel station employee went back to manning his cash register, this time still full of money.

The golf club, meantime, has been “apprehended”, along with the alleged assailant’s knife and empty stash bag.

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