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3AT and its mission in aid of animals

3AT – Associação Amigos dos Animais de Tavira (Animal Friends of Tavira Association) was founded on January 8 this year with the aim to stop abuse, abandonment and neglect of companion animals as well as to promote their adoption.

So far, we have managed to find adoptive families for around 20 dogs and cats and have placed 17 animals with foster families.

The association also feeds many other animals, often found roaming the streets or victims of neglect, to whom we also provide veterinary care. In order to achieve our objectives, we rely on membership fees and donations and for fundraising we organise public events as well as the sale of secondhand goods at fairs.

All these activities help to raise awareness among people of the importance to love and care for animals and refrain from abandoning them. Among other initiatives, we have organised a “tea party of the four little paws”, a dinner and a Cãominhada (dog walk for all in Tavira), while several friends of the association have also promoted events in aid of 3AT.

The association also carries out regular food donation campaigns at supermarkets, with many people helping and showing to be sensitive to the animal cause.

Thanks to these initiatives, it is possible to feed the animals, provide veterinary care, buy medicine, worming medication, cleaning products and kennels, and create acceptable living conditions where the animals are accommodated awaiting adoption.

Our greatest and ultimate dream is to ensure the wellbeing of a larger number of abandoned and mistreated animals but for this we need our own piece of land, where it would be possible to cover the needs for accommodation of lost and homeless animals in the Tavira council.

As suchs 3AT is appealing to all those who could help find a plot where these animals could be accommodated and live peacefully until a new home is found.

If you think you can help, please contact Cristina Rodrigues of 3AT at email [email protected]