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35% of UK adults bring teddy bears to bed

Move over, dogs. Man’s best friend might actually be a bear. About 35% of British adults admitted they sleep with a teddy bear to de-stress before bedtime, according to a Travelodge survey.

The hotel chain polled 6,000 people after finding that many of the 75,000 stuffed animals left behind in 452 hotels last year belonged to adults.

About 25% of men polled said they bring their bears on business trips because the cuddly creatures remind them of home, while 10% of women said they treat their teddy bear as a good friend with whom they share their most intimate secrets.

According to the survey, 51% of British adults sad they still have their childhood teddy bears. The average teddy in the country was 27 years old.

Ten percent of single men surveyed said they hid their bear when their girlfriend stayed over, while 14% of married men hid their teddies when family and friends visited.

But some men aren’t bashful about their bears — 26% of males polled said it was perfectly acceptable to have a teddy at any age.

Source: www.nbcnewyork.com.