“34 reasons never to go to Portugal”, says French website

After all the proclamations, prizes and pontificating about the pleasures of Portugal, it’s good to see things put into perspective… and still come out on top.

The tongue-in-cheek French version of BuzzFeed website has come up with a “Sacré Bleu!” line-up of 34 reasons “not to put a foot” in Portugal.

“Just look at the photographs,” ionline advises. “And then you’ll see what it’s really all about.”

“Completely lacking in charm”, is the caption alongside an idyllic nighttime shot of Sintra.

“A town locked in the past”, illustrates one of Lisbon’s stunning futuristic buildings.

“No Portuguese has ever amounted to anything”, shows a photo of football’s living legend Cristiano Ronaldo, and “Nah, Portugal’s not a pretty country at all” looks down on fishing boats at Ponta da Piedade (Lagos).

“Stay home” the site advises, the food’s “not up to much” – another mouth-watering shot of clams – concluding “What a pity” next to stunning view of Vau beach (Portimão).

For the full and beautiful list of reasons “never to visit Portugal”, click here and smile: http://www.buzzfeed.com/gilozzy/nallez-pas-au-portugal?utm_term=.suLqWm9zoJ#.km11kGd1M

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