31 starving dogs in appalling states of neglect rescued from locked room in Madeira

Animal-lovers in Madeira have rallied to support the 31 starving dogs and puppies rescued from “miserable life-threatening conditions” in a locked room in a rundown apartment.

The worst of this story is that authorities that should have helped these animals much earlier have all been described as ‘knowing the situation’ for well over a year.

The animals are now all being nurtured back to health, thanks to a wave of human support – and a 32nd dog has since been rescued from a hiding place it had found on a neighbour’s roof.

Associação Ajuda a Alimentar Cães is keeping followers up to date with the dogs’ progress over Facebook – particularly on the recovery of one of the worst-affected puppies, dubbed “our little bald one”.

There have been moments in ‘little bald one’s’ treatment where she seemed to have given up and stopped eating, but the latest posts see her being hand-fed pieces of chicken and showing that the will to live is stronger than the frailest of frames.

What is not addressed in any of the posts are the declarations by the association’s president Mariana Nóbrega, when the animals were rescued that “the council, the PSP and the GNR have known of this situation for some years”.

The blame-game is not the association’s ‘end game’: it is solely concerned with getting the animals back to health and finding them new homes.

To follow the dogs’ progress, see Ajuda a Alimentar Cães Facebook page.

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Photos: Facebook: Ajuda a Alimentar Cães