25,000 flock to Portimão Sardine Festival to hear Tony Carreira

The opening night of Portimão’s Sardine Festival went with a bang as 25,000 people flocked to hear Portugal’s much-loved singer Tony Carreira.

Traffic was brought to a standstill throughout the town and organisers confirm it was “one of the largest attendances ever” of the festival that takes place until Sunday (August 16) along the town’s riverside area.

Tonight (Thursday), the performing act is pop/rock group Vol.2, followed by singer-songwriter Tiago Bettencourt (on Friday), Algarve singer and winner of ‘Portuguese Idols’ TV competition Diogo Piçarra (Saturday) and Fado singer António Zambujo (Sunday).

Besides the crackerjack musical entertainment, festival-goers can feast on tons of charcoal-grilled fish every evening and enjoy side-stalls filled with regional delicacies.

Visit www.festivaldasardinha.pt for the full programme.