25% of Portuguese are resisting vaccination against Covid-19

The percentage of the population resistant to Portugal’s vaccination roll out has at last been officially revealed. Bearing in mind herd immunity has been set at a point some way above the initial target of 70%, there does appear to be ‘a problem’. One in four Portuguese (or put another way, 25% of the people resident in Portugal) is resisting the call to vaccinate. Carla Nunes of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s national school of public health told today’s meeting between the government and experts at Infarmed that the overriding reasons for this reticence are “lack of efficacy” of the vaccines, “fear of secondary effects, and the need to have more information”. Vaccine hesitancy in the older age groups is however less than one in four people. Carla Nunes described it as 13%. Another reason for people deciding not to vaccinate has been the existence of other illnesses “which don’t yet allow for vaccination”, she said.