24 arrested in connection with major drug network

An operation by the PSP’s criminal investigation division led to the arrest of 24 individuals in the area of Lisbon on suspicion of drug trafficking on February 17 and 18.

Following an investigation that started nearly a year ago, PSP Sintra, supported by the special police unit (GOE and Cinotécnica), criminal investigation units of Oeiras, Lisboa, Amadora and GNR Setúbal, conducted 29 search warrants in Sintra and in the other areas mentioned.

The operation began on Sunday afternoon, with the interception, on the A2 Highway in the area of ​​Alcácer do Sal (south of Lisbon), of a vehicle carrying two of the detainees in possession of narcotics allegedly obtained in the Algarve.

After this first approach, teams from the PSP during the night and the following morning executed search warrants, resulting in 24 arrests and the seizure of the following items: 3kg of hashish; 330 doses of cocaine; 14 cannabis plants; €5,100 in cash; two .22 rifles; one .22 revolver; ammunition; pepper spray and various other items.

One of the residences in the district of Lisbon was found fully equipped with stove fans, extractors and thermostat, used in the cultivation of cannabis plants.

This operation, which involved about 100 police officers, also resulted in the seizure of a few dozen pills suspected to be synthetic drugs that were sent for laboratory examination, as well as weighing miscellaneous equipment and materials used in the cutting and packaging of drugs. SCA/AR