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2024 will mark a new reality for health insurance in Portugal

Text by Medal Seguros

The healthcare landscape in Portugal is evolving, notably post-pandemic, with escalating medical costs and doctors opting out of insurance agreements. Hence, choosing a suitable health insurance has become pivotal, especially concerning competitive reimbursements outside insurers’ networks.

Some key considerations when choosing a health insurance in Portugal:

  1. Coverage assessment – evaluate if coverage aligns with medical needs;
  2. Exclusions and pre-existing conditions – understand waiting periods and exclusions;
  3. Provider network – ensure access to a wide network of healthcare providers;
  4. Deductibles and copayments – understand additional costs on top of the premium;
  5. Additional services and customer support – assess supplementary services and customer support;
  6. Premiums and financial conditions – compare costs, coverage and especially terms for an informed decision;
  7. Territorial scope and coverage abroad – confirm if a domestic policy is enough or if you also need coverage outside Portugal;
  8. Role of an insurance broker for expats – brokers offer vital guidance and comprehensive understanding for expats navigating local insurance dynamics.

As an established insurance broker since 1996, MEDAL has a strong foothold in delivering tailored solutions across various economic sectors. Our commitment revolves around providing a top-tier personalised service and exclusive insurance solutions to individual and corporate clients.

Understanding the growing need for comprehensive health coverage, we’ve introduced a special health insurance for afpop members. Unlike conventional plans, our insurance stands out due to three core principles:

  • Best value for money in the Portuguese Market;
  • Exclusive coverage;
  • Lifetime coverage.

Tailored for most healthcare episodes, including costly emergency procedures such as surgeries, inpatient, and outpatient treatments due to illnesses or accidents, our policy offers options to suit varying needs.

Key Benefits:

  • No age limit to join and stay insured;
  • Acceptance of pre-existing conditions;
  • Palliative care and rehabilitation coverage;
  • Worldwide surgeries and hospitalisation.

Understanding the pivotal role of health insurance in our clients’ lives, we provide a dedicated Health Claim’s department to assist you throughout the entire process (including with reimbursements, authorisations, among others).

Make informed health insurance decisions today for assured quality care tomorrow. At MEDAL, we’re committed to ensuring our clients make the best-informed choices.

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