2020 saw “record lows” when it came to figures for crime in Portugal

In another of his rather bizarre announcements, minister for interior administration Eduardo Cabrita has ‘revealed’ that figures for crime in Portugal fell to their lowest levels since RASI (the annual report on internal security) was created. He did concede however that “a correlation” exists between the periods of lockdown (State of Emergency) and these reductions. Mr Cabrita was the minister who announced last week that ‘there will be no touristic trips planned’ for the Easter week by foreigners. Again, this was hardly worth ‘announcing’ in that the borders are ‘closed’ to all but essential travel; hotels are closed – and citizens are confined to their boroughs of residence. During his announcement today, Mr Cabrita claimed that crimes of domestic violence had also reduced. This is technically ‘correct’ in comparison with 2019, but the Portuguese Association for Support of the Victim has stressed there were more homicides in the context of domestic violence, and more attempted murders.