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Youth stabs man in back in Olhão

A 15-year-old – absconding from a warrant for compulsive internment – is understood to have stabbed a 43-year-old man in the back in the early hours of Saturday morning in Olhão.

The youth, described as ‘accompanied by two others’, has since been apprehended and has apparently ‘confessed to the crime’.

His victim was able to give police a detailed description before being transported to hospital in Faro in ‘serious condition’ where his prognosis is said to be ‘reserved’.

PSP police are meantime trying to locate the two young men that fled the scene with the alleged attacker.

The incident took place in a ‘leisure area’ of Rua Miguel Torga at roughly 1.45 am.

Explain reports, the group stole the victim’s mobile phone. It is not clear whether this happened before he was stabbed, or after.

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