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Seven Brits kicked off easyJet in Faro after mid-air brawl en-route to Tenerife

Another flight, another ugly mid-air brawl: Brits are back in the news for behaving ‘disgustingly’ on low-cost flights to holiday destinations.

This time round it was an easyJet flight from Manchester to Tenerife, and yet again police in Faro had to mop up the mess.

Seven angry men were ejected from the flight and the plane flew on to its island destination.

It’s not known what the seven did next.

Indeed stories like these that pepper the media during the holiday season never really explain what people do who are booted off cheap flights for disorderly behaviour.

Are they fined? Do they ‘go home’? Do they simply take another plane to continue brawling at their chosen destination? Or do they decide ‘let’s stay in Portugal’?

The only closure we have had from one of these ‘kicked off at Faro airport’ stories came following the account of a passenger booted off a flight for being too smelly.

What appeared at first to be a light-hearted story developed into a terrible tale of necrosis, ending with the ejected passenger’s death weeks later in Faro hospital (click here)

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