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Young Portuguese man “assassinated” in London

A 24-year-old Portuguese man has become the latest victim in the rising tide of violence sweeping London.

Police believe Wilson Varela was ambushed by a moped driver and pillion passenger “who may have been hiding” in a nearby street shortly before blasting him in the chest and driving on.

Whether they were hiding specifically to catch Varela, or whether they chose him at random is what police now are trying to determine.

Roughly 15 minutes before Varela’s shooting, in another area close by, a 22-year-old mother of one was killed from a stab-wound to the heart.

Say local reports: “As the increasingly familiar scene of forensic tents being erected was replicated in streets just a stone’s throw from each other, there was fresh soul-searching over how to end attacks which have led to a series of deaths in Camden and surrounding areas over the past couple of years”.

The London Times claimed the two murders were not related.

As for Varela’s family, they have told the Camden New Journal that they are “very sad”.

Wilson led an “apparently unsuspicious life” and worked in a local shoe shop.

As he lay dying in the street, passers by filmed the scene, leading the paper to conclude: “There are fears that some young people could be becoming desensitised after a video of Mr Varela’s final moments was shared in the area on Whatsapp and Snapchat groups”.

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