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Fire-watch ‘vigilance’ surprises drug-traffickers

The government’s fire-watch strategy – employing thousands of police agents as well as Air Force military – has come up against a number of surprises.

Earlier in the week, a ‘fly-past’ of forest areas near Rio Maior (Santarém) detected machines at work felling trees – absolutely prohibited in the zero-tolerance policy on activities that could start fires – and more recently a GNR foot-patrol in Caldas da Rainha, in the north, came up against a ‘drug farm’.

On the veranda of a house “in an isolated spot”, agents detected “several cannabis plants”.

When the householder responded to their knock at the door, “a strong odour of narcotics came from inside”.

Further cannabis plants were then discovered within the property, and in annexes as well as “dozens of individual bags of cannabis leaves”.

“In total”, say reports, “35,320 doses of hashish were apprehended, 81 cannabis plants, 352 euros in cash and a shotgun with cartridges”.

The householder has appeared for a first round of questions in court and released on the lightest bail term (to remain in the area of his residence).

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