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PJ police (finally) take up case missing Austrian national

PJ police have finally taken up the case of missing Austrian national Julia Weinert.

Julia, 28, was reported missing in over two months ago, in June (click here).

Late afternoon on Friday 28th she remained ‘behind’ in the van she was staying in – near the village of Pedralva, on the Costa Vicentina (west coast of the Algarve) – while friend Tybo Gaggero went to Burgau, on the south coast, with friends for a concert.

Julia is understood to have said she was planning to walk Tybo’s dog, to whom she was very attached.

By the time Tybo returned from the concert, however, Julia had ‘gone’ – and since then there has been no sign of her.

If Julia left of her own accord, she decided to go with the skimpiest of clothes (a light t-shirt, pair of shorts and flip-flops) and leave every single item of property behind.

She was not even carrying her mobile phone.

Desperate to find her, Tybo Gaggero says he searched through the night before reporting her disappearance to police the following morning.

Since then there have been dozens of unconfirmed sightings – and very little else.

The Austrian embassy has been ‘involved’ but more on an advisory level, and GNR police appear to have done not much more than follow up on a few ‘sightings’.

Last month Julia’s parents Elfriede and Peter travelled over to the Algarve from their home in Salzburg to offer a reward for information (click here), and finally criminal investigations seem to have been kick-started.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã today, the Public Ministry has decided to task PJ police with the inquiry into Julia’s disappearance.

What this will mean practically remains to be seen.

For now, friends who led the initial searches for her – and mounted publicity campaigns online and in poster form – are bemused it has taken this long for authorities to take notice.

Tybo Gaggero tells us he has been asked to give a new statement in Vila do Bispo tomorrow (Wednesday), basically to go over the statement he gave in June.

A friend who set up the ‘Help Find Julia’ facebook page says she feels its “ridiculous” that it has taken so long for the case to be taken seriously.

Updates to follow.

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