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Portuguese ‘actress’ accused of staging live Brexit-bashing TV speech

Portuguese actress Ana Rocha has been accused of staging the impassioned anti-Brexit speech she gave on Sky TV last week.

Since hijacking a live TV interview last Wednesday, Rocha has become something of a media sensation – very high-profile in terms of dishing the dirt on British prime minister Boris Johnson and his attempts to push Brexit through by October 31.

Hot ‘news’ yesterday was that Rocha has been forced to flee to Scotland “for fear of reprisals”.

The 42-year-old told Lusa: “I hear insults everyday and dysfunctional opinions on what immigrants have done to this country”.

“I am afraid to get on a bus now, I am afraid to take the Tube or to walk in the street”.

As a result of this fear, she appears to have been “transferred” by the company that employs her as a care worker to Scotland, where she says she feels “more safe”.

In the meantime, speculation is mounting that Rocha’s words – about ‘giving up her youth’ for the UK, looking after British children, and old people – were an elaborate performance to pull at people’s heartstrings.

The gist of the intervention was that the Settlement Scheme – for EU citizens resident in UK to be able to continue staying on post-Brexit – is not working.

This is nonetheless a subjective view of a scheme that many immigrants, from diverse nationalities, say they have managed to navigate perfectly successfully.

Ana Rocha’s ‘problem’ is that her “national insurance number did not correspond to the right thing’. She claims she has been told she must restart her application – and is therefore concerned that she could run out of time as the October 31 deadline is fast approaching.

However none of this was explained when she dramatically told Sky News: “I can’t just be kicked out! I build things for you! I have looked after your children! I looked after the elderly in this country! Now you kick me out, with what? With what?”

The MailOnline called it “a heartwrenching speech which laid bare the impacts of Brexit on EU citizens living in the UK”.

But as various commentators on social media pointed out, it was a little light on detail.

Said one: “She wont get kicked out, she has until 2020 or something to complete the paperwork to stay…”

And “will it really be any better in Scotland”, asks another, noting the “carefully crafted” argument to include “an England bad, Scotland good arc”.

Today, Correio da Manhã tabloid insists Rocha – born in Macedo de Cavaleiros, married to a UK national and resident in UK for over 20 years – has been contacted by Portuguese authorities which will be making “all the efforts necessary to help resolve her legalisation in the United Kingdom”.

As for where Ana Rocha has fled to in Scotland, there appears to be no reliable information.

What is clear is that the mother-of-three has accepted that “as soon as people discover I do theatre, they are going to say this is fake news”.

She is adamant, nonetheless, that it was “a spontaneous act”, “the result of her ‘hurt’ over Brexit and the xenophobia she has faced”, adds the MailOnline.

Today, presumably from Scotland, Rocha has been talking further with Sky News, describing how someone once tried to run her over on a pedestrian crossing with her small son, shouting “Go home you foreigner scum…”

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