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Figueira hosts 17th Cockle Festival

Figueira, a small town outside of Portimão, will host the 17th ‘Festival do Berbigão’ (Cockle Festival) on September 14-15. Over 1.5 tons of cockles will be cooked during the event, say organisers.

The shellfish is a favourite among locals, and holidaymakers keen to try it should travel to Figueira to taste the many ways that it can be cooked – with rice, pasta or even in pastries. But perhaps the most popular way of cooking cockles is by steaming in a little olive oil, garlic, salsa or coriander.

Cockles have a special place in the heart of locals as not only was it a staple food in their diet, it was also the livelihood of many families for centuries.

There will also be traditional pastries and sweets and certainly plenty of drinks to wash it all down.

Musical entertainment includes a performance by The Beatles tribute band ‘The Peakles’ on Sunday, September 15 at 10.30pm.

The event is held between 7pm and 1am at the outdoor sports complex. Admission is €3.50.

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