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Reward offered for any information on missing Austrian Julia Weinert

The distraught parents of missing Austrian Julia Weinert have travelled to the Algarve to make an emotional plea: offering a reward of 5000 euros “to anyone who provides lawfully obtained information that will help to find out Julia’s whereabouts or, in the case of a crime, to solve it”.

28-year-old Julia went missing over two months ago from a sustainable living/ vegan community in Pedralva, near Vila do Bispo (click here).

Searches mounted by friends have been fruitless, and the authorities – to date – have only been ‘aware’ of the situation, checking out alleged sightings which have all proved fruitless.

There have been no official searches, and no attempts to try and discover what may have happened through the use of sniffer dogs or even heat-seeking technology.

Now Julia’s extremely concerned parents, Elfriede and Peter, have travelled over from Salzburg to try and unravel the mystery.

They told local German online “Algarve für Entdecker” that their feelings “oscillate between hope and despair”.

Nothing prepared them for Julia’s disappearance, they explain: the last contact by telephone was “perfectly normal”.

Mother Elfriede is due to celebrate her birthday shortly, and says: “The best gift for me would be to hold my daughter safely in my arms”.

Julia “normally” calls her mother on her birthday, so this is what Mrs Weinert and husband Peter are hoping.

Various sightings have been coming through over the weeks since Julia went missing.

The Facebook page set up by friends said recently there have been multiple sightings from Faro where the woman seen apparently calls herself ‘Isabel’, but page organisers insist followers should “not assume Julia is fine, do not assume the person who has been seen in Faro or in many other places is in fact Julia, do not assume she left voluntarily just because “she” is walking freely on the streets.

“PLEASE remember Julia “left” all her belongings, money, passport and mobile phone at the time of her disappearance”, they stress.

The bottom line of this mystery is that anyone with any information at all should contact police via the official emergency telephone number 112.

By strange coincidence, the Resident received a new purported sighting of Julia in Luz de Tavira on Wednesday. She was described as walking barefoot, wearing shorts, a hat and with a red rucksack on her back. Said the man who saw her: “She looked like she was a camper. Her hair was in plaits and she looked exactly like the girl in the photographs online”.

The sighting has been reported to local police.

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