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Twins living in “deplorable conditions” removed from parents

Ten-year-old twin sisters have been removed from their parents’ custody after they were found living in “deplorable conditions” in a garage in Amadora, Lisbon.

The children were “badly dressed, did not go to school and witnessed constant physical and psychological abuse between their parents”, said Lisbon’s Metropolitan Command in a statement.

Reports also suggest the garage was filled with rubbish and was deemed inadequate for anyone to live. The family would heat up water in a microwave to take baths, confirmed the father.

The parents, who were arrested but have since been released, have told Sic Notícias that they tried to enroll their children at school but that it was never possible as they do not have a ‘cartão de cidadão’ (ID card).

They denied, however, that they were ever violent towards their children.

The children are now in the care of a temporary foster home while the parents await trial in freedom. They are not allowed to make contact with the children.

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