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Strike ‘temporarily suspended’: truckers bid for negotiations

Strike finally over

The strike by truck drivers of ‘dangerous materials’ (principally fuel) is over. Following a nail biting weekend, a truce has been called as syndicate leaders and ‘bosses association ANTRAM’ agree to get round the table:

Breaking news over Friday lunchtime was that the truckers’ strike was being temporarily suspended to pave the way for negotiations with employers association ANTRAM.

The news came as various sectors were starting to fear the worst.

Farmers and fishermen agreed they could be facing “catastrophic scenarios” if fuel rationing continued.

In the north, boats are already “paralysed”, unable to set out to sea because the fuel they have isn’t sufficient, explained reports

But on Friday the situation looked likely to change, albeit slowly over the course of the weekend.

Truckers’ syndicate SNMMP said the suspension would kick-in following a meeting on Sunday. It was not clear whether negotiations would begin immediately – but a truce seemed to be on the table.


Truckers representatives entered meeting with infrastructures minister Pedro Nuno Santos in Lisbon.

SATURDAY MORNING: DEADLOCK… 20 hours of meeting were ‘inconclusive’ reports explained, stressing the strike is to continue. However, moves remained afoot and there seemed very real possibility of a truce being reached, likely to be announced sometime on Sunday.

SUNDAY 8pm: Syndicate lawyer Pedro Pardal Henriques announces that the strike is ‘over’, pending talks with bosses to start next week.

Expect ‘normal service’ to return to the nation’s pumps as of this evening.

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