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Severed head suspect ‘caught’ at Turkish-Greek frontier

Thanks to an international arrest warrant, the missing suspect in Matosinhos’ macabre severed head murder (click here) has been finally run to ground.

The 32-year-old partner of massage parlour boss Sangam Sawaiprkhon was detected passing through the land-border between Greece and Turkey, say reports which describe him not as a Thai (as he was initially described) but as a Pakhistani.

Considerably younger than his Thai partner who has been held in preventive custody since April, the unnamed man has already been extradited to Portugal where he is now being held in the jail next to the Porto division of the Judicial Police.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã says he is ‘refusing to collaborate with Portuguese justice’.

Taken before a judge yesterday (Thursday), he “remained in silence and did not elaborate on the details of the crime, nor explain where he had hidden the body”.

The severed head of Thai masseuse Natchaya Saranyaphat was discovered in March by rubbish bins on the beach of Leça da Palmeira (click here).

At the time, it was a complete mystery. No one could instantly identify the head, there were no reports of any missing people in the area, and it seemed unlikely that the bag – in which the head was discovered – had been washed up by the tide.

Now, reports suggest that this is exactly what must have happened.

CM says theories are that the rest of the body will have been disposed of, also in bits, into the sea.

An ‘almost perfect crime’ – given that now identification of any body parts will be well-nigh impossible.

“The couple (of suspected killers) were foiled by the tides”, explains the paper.

For the time being, this dismal case said to involve an unpaid debt of 10,000 euros continues ‘in investigation’. Both suspects continue to claim innocence, although forensic examination of the massage parlour where they all worked would appear to be conclusive.

Since the arrest of Sangam Sawaiprkhon in April, the SangamThai Massage parlour has remained closed.

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