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Second case of bizarre nudism on Porto’s iconic bridge

For the second time in a month there has been a bizarre case of nudism on Porto’s iconic D. Luís I bridge.

The monument appears to have become a tourist attraction for exhibitionists.

In July, a Brazilian woman enjoyed brief moments of ‘fame’ on the outer rim before diving into the waters in the altogether – and this week it was the turn of a hand-holding couple.

Authorities are nonplussed.

Said maritime police captain Cruz Martins: “We do not advise the practice of these kind of acts”. They put perpetrators “in great risk”, he said – alluding to strong currents in the waters below.

Police alerted to this latest incident travelled to the bridge but could find no trace of the naked couple.

A photograph of their measured streak along the bridge’s lower ‘tabuleiro’ was briefly uploaded onto the Internet, but later withdrawn as the content “contradicted patterns of the community”, explain reports.

This incredibly famous bridge that straddles the Douro is best known for the young locals that dive from it for money. It’s a well known fact that you need to be a local to ‘know the river’. Tragically, other people who try their luck at diving can often end up in difficulties.

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