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Hundreds demonstrate in Lisbon against extreme right-wing

The much-reviled meeting in Lisbon yesterday (Saturday) of extreme right-wing groups from across Europe saw hundreds take to the streets in protest while only 70 so-called ‘neo-nazis’ actually turned up.

Explain reports, the venue for the meeting was kept secret until Saturday morning, by which time
the hotel in question had had second thoughts and cancelled the booking.

Thus organisers Nova Ordem Social (New Social Order) were left with a scramble to find an alternative meeting place, and the numbers that finally made it to the new venue were derisory.

Not so the throngs that filled Lisbon’s touristic centre, chanting various anti-fascist slogans.

Writes Público: “The sight of so many people surprised tourists from many different countries who used their mobile phones to take photographs and film.

“There were even those who asked guides to translate what they were hearing”.

“If one of the objectives was for this demo to speak louder than the meeting organised by extreme right-wing organisations, it was mission accomplished”, the paper concluded.

Roughly 70 attended the event that finally convened at Hotel Sana.

Said Público: “The room where the meeting took place will have cost around 800 euros, and has the capacity for 220 people…”

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