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Airline ‘forgets granny’, who ends up landing over 1000 kms from planned destination

Airline Transavia ‘forgot’ an 88-year-old granny, who ended up as a result over 1000 kms from her planned destination.

Relatives became increasingly anxious as they waited for their elderly loved-one to emerge from an early morning flight to Porto from Paris.

One by one flyers came through the doors, wheeling their luggage behind them. But there was no sign at all of Maria Ferreira, whose daughter had entrusted her, in a wheelchair, to one of Transavia’s air hostesses.

Then came the awful realisation that Maria Ferreira had been left on the plane, which had subsequently refuelled and continued its onward flight plan to Funchal, Madeira.

The confused grandmother told reporters afterwards. “When I arrived, the passengers all got out and I was left alone, waiting for the air hostess” (to collect her and deliver her to her waiting family).

“Time passed and then passengers started boarding and then the plane took off again.

“In Madeira the hostess told me I had to leave, and it was then I realised that I wasn’t in Porto…”

“Various hours of despair” were shared by the whole family, and it was late in the evening before Maria Ferreira was finally returned to Porto’s Sá Carneiro airport and her traumatised daughter and assembled loved-ones.

Transavia has “profoundly lamented” the whole episode, saying it will have to review its internal procedures to ensure this kind of mishap isn’t repeated.

The Dutch low-cost airline has accepted “total responsibility” for the fracas, which comes in a week when another flyer discovered airport authorities had lost his cat in transit (click here).

Sadly, in this last case, the cat is still missing – and her owner is still camped out at Lisbon airport trying to find her.

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