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Zoomarine theme park turns 28

The Algarve’s Zoomarine theme park is celebrating its 28th anniversary this month and has sent out a statement to newsrooms detailing the work it has carried out since it opened in 1991.

“For many years, Zoomarine has had a very important role in society, carrying out valuable work in the active conservation of marine species,” the theme park says.

“Our ‘Porto de Abrigo’, the first and best known marine species rehabilitation centre in Portugal, is the best example of our work,” it adds.

Says the theme park, Zoomarine’s residents are “exemplary cared for” by volunteers guided by a team of “competent professionals”.

The theme park also points out that Zoomarine is one of just four institutions in Europe to have been awarded ‘American Humane Certified’ standards.

“These 28 years mark the anniversary of a prestigious company that has contributed very much to the promotion of the Algarve and Portugal on an international level. The Zoomarine family is proud of all its merits, of its crucial commitment to nature conservation and ecosystems and it will continue to work towards these goals with even more conviction in the future”.

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