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Underground Roman Galleries of Lisbon to become year-round attraction

The extraordinary subterranean Roman galleries of Lisbon are to become a year-round attraction.

The city council recently announced that all those “who always wished they could visit the Roman Galleries but never managed to do so” can look forward to realising this ambition from the end of 2020.

The plan is to create an ‘interpretative centre with an entrance for everyone from Rua da Prata’.

Up till now, the ‘cryptoporticus’ as these galleries are also called, could only be visited twice yearly, through a manhole in the Baixa district.

People would queue up for hours in advance, many never managing to secure a ticket.

The new plans however will see the tunnels drained and made safe so that the capital can boast yet another tourist attraction.

The tunnels have already made it on to many touristic websites, like which correctly describes them as “another world”(click here).

The first guided visits this year have already seen 3000 people learn the ‘history’ which seems to be rooted in securing the soft, sandy soil for all the constructions overhead.

Explain reports, the Romans realised that the soil needed ‘strengthening’, so constructing this labyrinth of tunnels with arched ceilings created a platform on which the city could flourish.

The extraordinary subterranean world was discovered following the ravages of the 1755 earthquake.

This year’s second foray into the tunnels will come in September. Tickets – which sell out within minutes – cost €2 for anyone over the age of 12 (children go free) and are advertised via the city council’s Facebook page (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa).

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