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Three injured as monster waves sweep over holiday swimming spot in Azores

Three people had to be treated for light injuries after monster waves swept over a holiday swimming spot on Terceira island in the Azores.

The huge swells are regular features at Porto da Caloura in August, explain reports.

On Sunday lifeguards had repeatedly tried to control the crowds, particularly those enjoying the water of a low-lying pool on a kind of jetty.

But the crush of bathers was relentless. All that it took were two gigantic waves to see dozens swept out of the pool area and into the sea.

The screams and panic can be seen in a graphic video uploaded onto Youtube.

How only three people were hurt – and only lightly – was cause for enormous relief. But the issue remains: people were misguided in ignoring the advice of lifeguards.

Said an eye-witness over social media, the red flag was up – and these waves are known to come in August.

The lifeguards on duty acted quickly to help people in distress, and within minutes the sea had returned apparently to its habitual calm.

As so many people have commented since the clip was uploaded online, “it could have been so much worse”.

Respect for the sea is everything – and one very good piece of advice is never have one’s back to it, as you won’t then see what’s coming.

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