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Lagos sets Guinness World Record for “largest Dom Rodrigo”

It’s official: Lagos has set a Guinness World Record for the largest Dom Rodrigo the world has ever seen.

Eight local bakers unveiled the 125.7kg sweet during the town’s Arte Doce sweets competition last week, giving everyone who attended the event a chance to taste it.

The “Herculean” effort to make this record-breaking sweet was monitored by three official Guinness representatives for three tiring days.

Following the original recipe that originated at the Nossa Senhora do Carmo convent in Lagos, the team of eight bakers used a total of 372 eggs, 2,940 egg yolks, 229kgs of sugar, 18kgs of peeled almonds, 45lt of water and 36og of cinnamon.

Finally, after it had been wrapped in the Dom Rodrigo’s typical tinfoil, the mammoth of a sweet was presented during the competition in the presence of Algarve tourism chief João Fernandes and local mayor Maria Joaquina Matos, who spoke about how “proud” she was that these local bakers helped increase the visibility and appreciation of “one of the Algarve’s biggest gastronomic treasures”.

As the local council points out in a statement, the creation of this enourmous Dom Rodrigo also aims to help Lagos promote its bid for the sweet to become one of Portugal’s ‘7 Sweet Wonders’.

The council also highlighted the success of this year’s Arte Doce, which welcomed thousands of people who were “eager” to see (and taste) the most delicious sweets that the Algarve has to offer.

The event also features handicraft, wine tasting, regional food and a respectable line-up of musical entertainment, including popular Portuguese artists such as David Fonseca, Raquel Tavares and Agir.

Here’s the full list of the winning bakers:
Arte Doce – Wine Theme
1st – Cantinho Doce da Fernanda
2nd – Lucília Norte Baptista
3rd – Pastelaria Doce e Arte

Arte Doce – Free Theme
1st – Lucília Norte Baptista
2nd – Bolo Doce – Doçaria Regional, Lda.
3rd – Doces da Filipa

Quality in Tradition
Best Doce Fino – Luísa Mariano
Best D. Rodrigo – Bolodoce – Doçaria Regional do Algarve
Best Morgado – Sandra Santos
Best Doce de Figo – Cantinho Doce da Fernanda
Sweet Inovation
Best Stand Decoration
Miminhos da Lucinda

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