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Suspected arms traffickers arrested with cache of weapons in Lisbon

Two individuals “caught red-handed” in Lisbon with a veritable arsenal of firearms and illegal weaponry are due to face magistrates today.

Say reports, the pair are believed to be ‘international arms traffickers”.

The police operation that led to their arrests is described as “complex”. It rendered 145 weapons, hundreds of munitions and “other material related to this illegal activity”, said a statement released today.

Operation Flobert, as the investigation is called, has been running for a year, and involved as many as seven search warrants for premises in the Lisbon district.

The probe was based on suspicions of international trafficking, mediation and transformation of guns, said the statement – and aided by the sharing of information between national and international forces.

Among all the guns, silencers, and sundry equipment recovered was a stash of banknotes from the Ukraine.

The two suspects are expected to hear bail conditions later today.

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