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Man dies after drinking wine mixed with ethyl alcohol: police suspect murder

A man in his 40s has died and two friends are recovering in hospital after drinking ‘cheap’ wine mixed with ethyl alcohol in a public park in Braga.

Say reports, police suspect homicide.

The reason: the men had been spending their days for the last two years drinking packet wine in the same spot – never coming to the kind of harm witnessed yesterday.

The change seems to have been prompted by a visit from a ‘former prison inmate’ who seems to have thought it would be a laugh to spike the packet wine.

Said a local shopkeeper: “They couldn’t even stand up, and the other individual opened their mouths and poured more wine down until one of them just collapsed onto the ground…”

PJ police are now ‘investigating whether this is a case of murder’, says tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Other news sources suggest the man who spiked the wine was a former alcoholic, with “a criminal past”.

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