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Júlio Iglesias’ illegitimate son – born to former Portuguese dancer – recognised by Spanish court

A Spanish court has recognised Júlio Iglesias illegitimate son, born to a former Portuguese dancer over four decades ago.

This is the second time a Spanish court has declared Javier Sanchez-Santos to be the son of the world-famous singer.

Explain reports, the first time (in 1992), the ruling was quashed on appeal two years later.

Since then Javier Sanchez-Santos and his mother Maria Edite Santos have spent the years fighting for recognition they believe to be the now 42-year-old man’s birthright.

Issues have been horribly delayed by Iglesias’ refusal to provide a DNA test.

Now that paternity has been ‘decided’ (in the absence of a DNA test, but “with enough clues” to satisfy the judge), Iglesias’ lawyer has said his client will be appealing and “wouldn’t refuse to submit to a DNA test under certain circumstances as part of the appeals process”.

Reasons given for this latest ruling include Iglesias’ “very obvious physical resemblance” to Javier Sanchez-Santos, who also looks uncannily like Iglesias’ famous son Enrique.

Indeed, according to UK tabloid the Sun, this week’s ruling was swayed by DNA swabs “obtained surreptitiously” from Enrique.

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