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Dave Ling Memorial Trophy raises €1,750 for Macmillan

The weather and the course were “perfect for the occasion” as a tournament celebrating the life of Dave Ling, a beloved member of the Burgau Sports Centre who passed away recently from leukaemia, was held on Thursday, July 4 at Golf Santo António, raising a total of €1,750 for the Nightingale Macmillan Unit, based within the Royal Derby Hospital, where Dave was treated.

Just under 70 players played in a Texas Scramble, each contributing with €20 and raising €1,500. An extra €250 was donated by the “very generous winners” of the tournament who play and captain the Parque da Floresta team that plays in the Interclub Algarve 1st Division.

Dan Robinson, one of the organisers of the event, said the day was “marked by the amazing team spirit surrounding the event, but, above all, by everyone paying tribute to a dear friend of our society who will be forever in our hearts”.

Dan said: “Before the speeches were made, we asked Dave’s wife Angelika Ling, who was present on the day, to come up and receive a few gifts and flowers we had organised for her. She received a ‘FOR LINGY’ red shirt, worn by most of our golf society members, as well as a Clive Cook painting of the 18th Green at Golfe Santo António signed by all the players.”

The tribute was much appreciated by Angelika, who sent the following message to Dan after the event.

“I just want to say another heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all the hard work you have done and efforts you have made to create such a wonderful day. I knew it would be emotional, I was moved to see the genuine love and respect you had for David and, if that is even possible, I missed him more today.”

Speeches were also made by Dan Robinson, his father Andy Robinson who played rugby and worked for Adidas with Dave Ling, and also Chris Mortimer, for whom Dave Ling was his best man at his wedding and was also his boss at Adidas.

The speeches brought out a bit of emotion, but also laughter and camaraderie between all the players and families who showed up to support the event.

Individual Prize winners were:
Nearest the Pins
3rd Hole – Marko Aling
5th Hole – John Hill
7th Hole – Barry Pussell
11th Hole – Phil Ambler
15th Hole – Rob Chapman

Nearest White Line
18th Hole – Roy Gardiner

Team prizes – overall winners
1st Place – Michael Abbott (Parque da Floresta Interclub Captain) / Peter McDonagh (Parque da Floresta Club Captain) / Jim Brennan and Malcolm Berry – 57
2nd Place – Mark Arundel / Denise Arundel / Roy Gardiner / Eduard Damman – 58.4
3rd Place – Rui Glória / Julio Marcela / Filipe da Silva / Barry Pussell – 58.7

Dave Ling Memorial Trophy raises €1,750 for Macmillan

Dave Ling Memorial Trophy raises €1,750 for Macmillan

Dave Ling Memorial Trophy raises €1,750 for Macmillan

Angelika Ling receiving the gifts and flowers from Chris Mortimer

Dave Ling Memorial Trophy raises €1,750 for Macmillan

From left: Organiser Dan Robinson (centre) with the winning team, from left, Peter McDonagh, Michael Abbott, Jim Brennan and Malcolm Berry

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