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Body recovered from Tejo: authorities ‘suspect’ it is missing American tourist

A body was recovered from the Tejo river this morning in an ‘elevated state of decomposition’.

Maritime Police ‘suspect’ it could be that of missing American tourist Alex Tyk, reports TVI.

The body was sighted at around 6am by the ‘master of a boat’, between Cacilhas and Doca da Marina.

It has been recovered and removed to the Institute of Legal Medicine for autopsy.

Said the TV station, in spite of the advanced state of decomposition, it is clear the body was that of a man, around 1.80 tall.

The height matches that given by relatives and friends desperate to find Alex Tyk who went missing during a night out with friends over 10 days ago (click here).

There is however one other ‘missing person’ believed to have fallen into the Tejo: a 70-year-old fisherman who disappeared overboard three days ago near Vila Franca da Xira (some way from the place where today’s body was found), unable to swim and without a life-vest.

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