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Last month hottest June ever on planet but coldest in Portugal since 2000

Last month has been described as the “hottest June ever” on planet Earth, with average temperatures topping records around the world – but not in Portugal.

In fact, Portugal experienced the “coldest June in the country since 2000” due to an unusual bout of cool weather.

According to the national sea and atmosphere institute (IPMA), the average temperature in June was 18.19ºC – that is 1.23ºC below what is normal.

The weather was especially cool between June 4 and 15, says IPMA, which adds that on June 6 the maximum temperature was on average 5.6ºC lower than usual.

Data shows that average temperatures in Europe were more than 2ºC above normal and temperatures were 6-10ºC above normal over most of France, Germany and northern Spain during the final days of the month, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Rainfall in June was considered normal in Portugal, except in the south – particularly the Lower Alentejo and Algarve – where the amount of rainfall was below the average for June.

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