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Algarve Chef Experience just got better

Hoping to make the concept even more attractive and unique, a new outdoor area boasting 80 seats reserved exclusively for Algarve Chef Experience clients has opened at MAR Shopping Algarve in Loulé.

The goal is to ensure clients of the four high-quality restaurants – G’s Bistro; Thai Brás; My Pastta and The Portuguese Lab – always find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy their special meal.

As Chef Guy Doré from G’s Bistro points out, “the gourmet experience must continue after clients collect their dish. Enjoying such a special meal should be a unique experience but finding a good place to sit was often a problem.

“A client who wants to drink a glass of champagne while eating oysters should enjoy the moment in a privileged and comfortable place. With this new space, the ‘chef experience’ motto truly makes sense.”

Chef Leonel Pereira from Thai Brás says he is excited about the new exclusive area and would like to work with the other three chefs to create “lunch and dinner menus or even a special gourmet event”.

He believes MAR Shopping has to make the most of the Algarve Chef Experience concept, which he says is “pioneering and unique in Portugal”.

The space will soon also host wine tastings, live music performances and themed events.

Herman Gewert, MAR Shopping General Manager, says that an exclusive area for Algarve Chef Experience clients had been in the pipeline for some time as it is “one of our most popular services” but space had been an issue.

Now with the area inaugurated, Gewert says that MAR Shopping’s food court is also due to be expanded in the coming year.

What is Algarve Chef Experience?
It is described as a “unique concept” in Portugal, giving diners a chance to enjoy great food in a shopping centre.

There are four restaurants to choose from, all led by reputable chefs.

Thai Brás is led by Chef Leonel Pereira who skillfully blends Asian flavours with typical Mediterranean ingredients.

My Pastta by Chef Louis Anjos has a menu filled with a variety of fresh pasta served with classic Italian sauces but using Portuguese produce.

Chef Guy Doré is behind G’s Bistro, a French cuisine-inspired bistro where Dijon mustard, herbes de Provence and French cheeses meet Algarvean produce.

For an all-Portuguese experience, The Portuguese Lab headed by Chef José Domingos celebrates cod and other national produce.

Original article written by Sara Alves for Jornal Barlavento

G’s Bistro by Chef Guy Doré

Thai Brás by Chef Leonel Pereira


From left: Chef Guy Doré, Mar Shopping General Manager
Herman Gewert and Chef Leonel Pereira

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