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Portugal ready to send more doctors to Venezuela to help emigrés in difficulties

Cancer hospitals in Portugal have said they are ready to accept emigrés caught up in the ongoing difficulties in Venezuela, while Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities José Luís Carneiro has agreed in principle to sending more doctors to the struggling South American country.

During a trip to Caracas commemorate Portugal Day (June 10), Carneiro described the most pressing issues among Luso-descendants as being diabetes and hyper-tension, adding that many are adamant that they want to stay in their adopted country as it “is here they have their lives, and the hope that (Venezuela) will come out of this impasse to return to normality”.

Leaving the political issues to heads of government, Carneiro said that what is “fundamental now that the Portuguese community that finds itself here is guaranteed protection and support”.

Since Venezuela descended into political and social chaos, thousands of families with Portuguese roots have returned to Portugal, principally to the island of Madeira (click here), while those left behind have had to live without day-to-day basics and a chronic shortage of medication.

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