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Overseas opens new British supermarkets in Galé and Almancil

The Overseas Supermarkets group opened two new British supermarkets in Galé and Almancil on Tuesday morning (May 28).

Bringing the group’s number of stores in the Algarve up to four, the new supermarkets will stock Iceland and Waitrose products like the Overseas shops in Portimão and Guia (Albufeira).

“The product selection will be pretty much the same until customers start giving us their feedback about what products they would like us to sell,” Julie Davis, store manager in Galé, told the Resident.

When asked how the first day of the Galé store was going, Julie told us: “It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve been seeing a lot of new faces and old faces from our other stores.”

Both stores are open every day from 9am to 9pm. The Galé supermarket is located in the Centro Comercial de Galé in Sítio de Vale Rabelho while the Almancil shop is based in Sítio do Além on the EN125 road.

Overseas describes itself as the “home of your favourite Great British food and drink.”

“With Overseas you can enjoy all the great tastes of home, abroad. From the best-known big brands to Iceland’s freezer essentials, and fresh local produce to Waitrose must-haves, we have everything under the sun under one roof.”

Photos: Melanie Kendall/OPEN MEDIA GROUP

Group staff photo at entrance with Store Manager Julie Davies

Karl Bradshaw-White from Algarve Travel Guide cutting the ribbon with Julie Davies, Store Manager.

Store manager Julie Davies and Overseas Area Retail Sales Manager Scott Tierney

From left: Sandra Bell, Guia Parish Council President Dinis Nascimento, Galé Store Manager Julie Davies and Mel Roberts

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