2019: a very black year for domestic violence

2019: a very black year for domestic violence

2019 was a black year in Portugal for domestic violence. Not only did 35 people die at the hands of partners or former partners, but one was just a two-year-old child (strangled by her own father click here).

Women were the overriding victims (26) but seven men were also taken in violent situations.

The only plus point is that suspect arrests and their subsequent holding in preventive custody have improved by 72%.

This means “judges are applying the harshest bail terms more frequently”, reports TVI24.

But the problem persists. This year’s figures are up on those for 2018, says the station, and in the last eight years domestic violence has left more than 1000 Portuguese children without one parent, if not both.

TVI adds that 13,000 children’s lives in this country are still overshadowed by the risk of domestic violence.

To try and help turn the tide, the station has mounted an online campaign (click here), STOP VIOLÊNCIA which sets out to document people’s stories and create a form of guide book for potential victims .

In Braga earlier this year after a local woman was stabbed to death by her husband outside the town’s court building, a group of women set up a ‘movement’ to try and raise awareness of domestic violence and demand ‘more justice’.

The movement delivered a petition to parliament in November (click here).

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