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Portuguese wines to target Denmark and Mexico

Mexico and Denmark are the latest additions to a list of countries where Portugal will be promoting its wines next year.

So says the president of national wine producer association ViniPortugal who wants to follow-up on the success that Portuguese wines have enjoyed in these two countries.

All in all, the €14 million plan to promote national wines will focus on 16 countries. Around 60% of the funds will go to promotional initiatives in the USA, Canada, China and Brazil.

The goal, says Jorge Monteiro, is to take the ‘Wines of Portugal’ brand to a larger number of countries.

“It is strategic to explore other opportunities so that we can diversify our markets. It is within this context that we will be promoting our wines in Denmark and Mexico in 2019,” he adds.

Data shows that Portugal’s wine exports have increased 4% in the first nine months of 2018 compared to the same period last year, with the average price of wines increasing 1.3%.

Monteiro believes that the €778 million of wine exports registered last year may be topped this year and reach a total of €830 million in 2018.

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